• What is this RPL moodle for?

    The purpose of this moodle is to assist you to work through the Recognition process. Once you have enrolled in a TAFE NSW qualification the skills and experience you have gained from school, formal and informal training, employment, volunteer work, work experience, life experience and other qualifications can be assessed for credit against the qualification. If you believe that you have skills and knowledge for part or most of the qualification, you may complete the qualification in less time. This means your training can be focused on the skills you most need to develop.

    You will have discussed all of this with our head teacher Penny Lees who will have given you some idea about the activities you need to complete.

    Now you need to click on the gliff below for your course e.g. Certificate IV AOD, Certificate IV Mental Health or Diploma in Community Services. Once you have done this you will be guided through the activities to complete, with additional resources being made available to you as well.

    Once you have completed a module, please advise our head teacher so that a marker can be assigned to you.

    Welcome and good luck!